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Ogrzewanie pacjenta

Patient warming

Hypothermia has many negative effects, such as increased risk of infection, prolonged duration of action of analgesics and muscle relaxants, formation of pressure sores and further pathogenic complications. Therefore, hypothermia should be prevented by the use of appropriate equipment.


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Lampa zabiegowa

Treatment lighting

Medical lamps are mandatory in medical rooms and should be adapted to the specific requirements of the operating block or treatment room. Choosing the right lamp is crucial, and the decision should be made taking into account many important factors.


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Oświetlenie operacyjne

Operational lighting

Good lighting is an indispensable element in the equipment of operating blocks, treatment and diagnostic rooms, without which it is impossible to carry out medical procedures. Our medical lamps offer excellent color reproduction and the right color and intensity of light.


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Stoły operacyjne

Operating tables

Operating and treatment tables are key elements of equipment in operating theaters and treatment rooms, necessary to perform operations. When choosing them, functionality and the ability to adapt to specific treatments and operator preferences are important, thanks to the adjustment of settings and functions.


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Łóżka szpitalne

Hospital beds

A hospital bed is a basic element of equipment in every ward
in healthcare facilities. The well-being and safety of lying patients depends on its comfort, as well as, to some extent, the effectiveness of treatment of their diseases and ailments.


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Szafki przyłóżkowe

Bedside cabinets

Ergonomic cabinets for the patient's personal belongings are an important complement to the hospital bed, especially for patients with reduced mobility or the elderly. These cabinets should be adjustable, handy and capacious, adapted to the size of the room.


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Fotel Bariatryczny

Bariatric chairs

Take care of the comfort of your patients and employees. Help facilitate the work of those directly involved in patient care. Choose functional and easy-to-use solutions. Provide comfort and dignity to overweight and obese patients with appropriately durable equipment.


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Transport pacjenta

Patient transport trolleys

Hospital logistics includes: safe transport of the patient - not only from the room to the block, or the admission room to the bed ward. It is also a daily transfer of the patient in order to perform care activities in safe and comfortable conditions.


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Specification of bariatric products

Hospital care for patients suffering from morbid obesity is not easy and requires many devices supporting the staff in medical and nursing activities. For this reason, bariatric products are an important part of the equipment of medical facilities.


Patient warming

Hypothermia can lead to many consequences. Unintentional lowering of body temperature causes, among other things, increased incidence of infections and decreased platelet aggregation activity. 


Hospital logistics

Nobody wants to go to a hospital, and if they must, let it be a real hospital - employing the best specialists and qualified staff, perfectly equipped, providing ideal conditions and operating like clockwork.


Functionality of stay beds

Stay beds with a bedside wardrobe are a basic element of equipment in every patient room. In the following article, we will present the elementary features of these medical furniture.

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All products that are medical devices have the CE marking to confirm conformity with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/ECC (MDD).
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