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Electric patient lifts are an invaluable convenience when transporting patients. They should be the basic equipment of each bed ward, because they minimize the physical effort of the staff and carers of patients. Bed lifts are also an aid in daily care procedures and enable effortless and safe patient transfer. Efficient transport of the patient from the bed to the wheelchair or vice versa significantly reduces the stress experienced by the hospitalized person. By choosing a lift from the Egerton offer, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality product that will meet your expectations.

Patient lifts are medical equipment that makes everyday activities much easier, especially when working with patients who have very limited dexterity. This equipment has a positive effect on the quality and comfort of the patient's life. It also greatly facilitates the work of carers and medical staff. Moving patients using only your own muscles is not only harmful to your health, it can also be dangerous. It also often causes a lot of stress, both for the lifter and the patient.

Which lift to choose?
There are many types of lifts on the market - from the simplest, trivial to use, to more specialized, designed for patients with specific diseases. When choosing a lift, you should be guided primarily by its intended use. It should strictly correspond to the needs of the patient. However, there are other criteria worth paying attention to.

Position in which the patient is lifted
The most popular lifts allow the patient to be moved only in a sitting position. Special slings are placed under the patient in a few minutes and attached to the frame of the lift. This makes it much easier to transfer from a bed to a wheelchair and back. On the market, however, you can find even more
advanced lifts for bedridden patients. We offer a lift that, thanks to a special stretcher, allows you to move the patient in a lying position. It also allows you to change the patient's position during the transfer itself - from lying to sitting and vice versa.

Lift capacity
There are many different types of lift available on the market. Individual models usually differ in the weight that their construction is able to bear. For everyday procedures in the ward, basic lifts with a lifting capacity of up to about 170 kilograms are sufficient. However, on the market you can also find devices with a much higher load capacity. Our offer includes a bariatric lift - its lifting capacity is 300 kilograms. We meet the needs of your patients!

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We are a member of the Silesian Network of Medical Devices.
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